Where’d the Fun Go?

I know what you all are thinking. As you read the title of this piece, many of you instantly begin to question if “I really do love theatre”. Or “maybe I don’t love it enough.” “Obviously I don’t love it enough to make a career out of it.”

Let’s make one thing clear: I LOVE THEATRE. Trust me there are times when I question if there is something I could ever love doing that wasn’t theatre and the answer is always no. There is nothing more I want in this world than to be an artist and to share my art with others.

Lately however, I started to feel down. All the stress of classes, work, and doing shows has really weighed down on me. I’ve found myself not enjoying what I am doing. Recently I began directing, which is even harder than acting if I do say so myself. Directing was/is my focus in college. I remember seeing the revival of Promises! Promises! with Kristen Chenoweth (I know, greatest moment of my life) and thinking how much I wanted to bring stories to life.

Anyways, back to what I was saying, I don’t know if it is the fact that I have so much work for my classes and the fact I have to balance that with dedicating myself to a script, or what but I have felt really down about my craft lately. I find myself not wanting to attend my rehearsals, just not wanting to do any of it. I’ve tried to figure out what has changed, and I think I finally did: I have.

The more I laid awake at night trying to figure out what was wrong with me, the more I realized that I had become so involved in the theatrical world that I literally do nothing outside of that. I only am involved in theatre organizations, I am always doing a show, I work in the theatre, I only go see shows when I go out, I only hang out with theatre people, I don’t have any aspect of my life that is separate from theatre.

Now, some are losing it right now because that sounds like the perfect life right?? WRONG. I always dreamed of when I could simply only focus on theatre, I would hear people who work in theatre professionally tell me that I needed to find a hobby or interest outside of theatre to stay sane and thought they had lost it. Surprise! They were right.

During my freshman year I lived in a scholarship house with girls from every major that wasn’t theatre. They didn’t really know anything about theatre, except when I would talk to them about it and what shows they like. This was my escape. I was able to spend my day in the department, doing what I love, but when I came home I wiped that away from me. I separated myself from my work to take a breather and refresh myself.

This year, I have fully submerged myself, and now I feel like I am drowning. You sort of lose a part of you, because you literally become one with theatre. The worst part is it has made me have such negative feelings about something I love with all of my heart, which then hurt even more. Now that I have realized what is wrong, I am going to work to fix it. I will not allow myself to work on anything related to theatre while at home. I check that part of my life at the door. I am also exploring other interests, making friends outside of the department, slowly I will begin to make a change in my life.

It’s the separation that makes you yearn for it even more. For example, everyone has seen a show or two where a married couple ends up working together and spends 24/7 together. This drives them insane. The fact that they have no alone time. That’s what I am going through right now. I made a vow to forever work in theatre, and lately I have felt suffocated by it. I know that getting time away from it is what will help renew my love for it.

The moral of this story is: find other interests to explore. College is literally for exploring interests and discovering yourself (and I guess a degree.) Just because you love something doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire time on it, you lose yourself this way. Be versatile. Enjoy the little things, like joining a book club or finding a job outside of theatre.

Find some way to take a breather so that you do not suffocate. Also, if you are having these issues where you are questioning your dedication like I was just know: just because you feel this way doesn’t mean you don’t love it enough. It means that something is not quite right. You have to find the problem, and fix it.

You have to find the fun.


Say Yes MOST of the Time

Hello all!

So sorry for my long hiatus, but my sophomore year at Ohio State has kicked off and boy has it been a crazy semester. Between health issues, stage managing 3 shows, working 2 jobs and still being a full-time student-life has been hectic. However through the tribulations, I have learned so much more and now feel like I have even better advice to give!

With such a crazy semester, I learned one very valuable lesson that I would like to share with you all: Say Yes Most of the Time.

As we all enter the beginning years of our careers, we are constantly being told that the best way to get experience and network is to say yes to all opportunities that are presented. Yes, this is a true statement. I mean how else are we supposed to go out into the world if we are selective on the opportunities we take? We are not at that moment in our career, especially in Theatre, where we can choose not to say yes.

Unfortunately, this piece of advice treads a very, very thin line. When we are told to always say yes, we feel that we MUST ALWAYS SAY YES. When we develop this mentality, we suddenly find ourselves running around with no time to eat lunch, spend time with friends, or sleep. We overbook and soon we question whether or not it is worth it.

At one point in my semester, I found myself working in the theatre box office, serving on 3 committees, taking 12 credit hours, stage managing a show, acting in a show, and working for the Lion King tour while it was in town. All of these things were great learning experiences, and will help me tremendously in my career, except at that time I was getting on average 4 hours of sleep a night and was only eating one meal a day. I was no longer taking care of myself (this is something I find myself doing very often.)

Please note: being incredibly involved is doable, especially once you get the hang of being so busy you become a professional at time management-it’s finding your limit- however, that is the most important piece of advice I can give to you.

Yes, take as many opportunities as possible in order to further yourself and your experiences, but also do not push yourself to hard. Remember you are running a marathon- you need to pace yourself. If you take an opportunity, and then learn of another one that will occur at the same time, LOOK CLOSELY AT YOUR SCHEDULE, figure out if it is truly possible to do both. Keep in mind sleep, studying, and eating: all things that are important in staying healthy.

So, say yes. Pace yourself. And KNOW IT IS OKAY TO SAY NO. Saying no will not be a career-ending move. It is completely acceptable.

With this I leave you,

Break Legs in all you do!

Day 1: Flying High

Alright guys, so week 1 of my adventures in the west has recently come to an end and BOY DO I HAVE A LOT!

The week began like any other, I woke up early on Sunday, put on my best clothes and headed to the airport to get searched, charged, and herded onto my plane. As I sat waiting for my zone to be called, a woman- who looked extraordinarily like Megan Mullally (who played Karen on Will and Grace) began to cause quite the commotion as she prepared to board with the platinum members. Why was there so much crazy happening?? Well it’s simple. When flying out of a smaller airport one must be willing to have their carry-on checked because of the lack of storage in the cabin. Well, while everyone else huffed but then allowed it, this woman was simply not having it! She refused to have her bag checked and insisted that she could make it fit, so off she went with her rip-off Vera Bradley purse, her tail and two wheels.

Finally it was my turn to board my beloved flight. Where it would take me, I couldn’t wait. Seat by seat I passed each passenger looking for my own seat. And what to my dismay did I stumble upon as I found seat 33A? Why the likes of Megan Mullally’s look-a-like. Ms. Devil herself! Why was this woman so high and mighty seating in the back with the rest of we peasants? Luckily for me as she moped and she whispered the flight was only 27 minutes south.

The next few hours were boring at most, as I sat in the airport waiting to board my next flight.

Upon boarding my flight to Salt Lake City, a man with a ponytail decided to join me. In front of us sat a child about 10, and what he said next brought upon a grin. The pilot announced how high we would fly and sure enough the boy assured us that we would die. He looked at his mother and simply said “If we go that high, we will die!” I giggled and joked my with ponytail friend, and quickly commented “That’s what I said on my first ascend.”

We giggled and laughed, and once we caught our breathe he explained to me about his friend who was scared to death. See his friend was new to the flying game, and the ponytail man thought it’d be funny for their seats not to be the same.

After the plane had finally begun to steady, the flight attendants had refreshments at the ready. The Muppets Most Wanted was the entertainment for the day, and at first I was wary but ended up saying hip, hip, HOORAY.

Flying over the mountains was a first for me, and soon the flight became a little rocky. We bumped and we glided, and soon I felt it was a rollercoaster I had rided.

Upon landing in sunny SLC, I felt famous with a driver waiting for me.

Well that’s all for today’s Expedition of a Theatre Major, but look for what’s to come become it’s sure to be a rager!

The Expeditions of a Theatre Major

Hello folks,

So sorry for the delay in my posts, however I have not been connected to the web that much other than work. Being in Utah has allowed me to disconnect from the internet and become aware of my surroundings. I know for many of us going into the theatre industry doesn’t really allow for this appreciation of nature. 

Although we are able to travel a lot, it is usually travel that we then go straight in to work, and most of the time that work is in a city. Don’t get me wrong, I AM STILL A CITY GIRL! However, this break from the crazy city life has been kind of a rejuvenating experience.

In my opinion, we all need time off. I know we all love our jobs very much and couldn’t see the point in taking time off, but becoming so many characters and always being surrounded by others can kind of make you lose sight of who you are as a person. Getting away allows you to reconnect with yourself and allows for you to feel refreshed when you dive back into your busy schedule.

So, in honor of my awakening, I got the idea of a new blog series (see title above). While I am away experiencing nature, I wanted to let you all experience it with me, Maybe give you ideas of things you could do when you’re away or to simply show you the benefits of being in nature.

My first post of the series will be coming TOMORROW!! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy:

The Expeditions of a Theatre Major 

Summer Internships


Salutations my amazing followers! Sorry for the lacking of posting these past two days, but I have some exciting news: I have officially begun my summer internship with the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre!! I know. I know. Some of you are thinking how is an internship in the middle of Utah a good thing?? Why not be in LA or NYC?? Well I am going to fill you in on some secrets about the internship business.

Yes, an internship with a theatre company in NYC sounds like a dream come true but when as you begin your research into the world of internships you will begin to see just how realistic that sounds.

While a few of you are able to simply go wherever they please without having to worry about monetary costs, for many of us there are key things to look out for while trying to find an adequate internship.

Below I have made a list of things I watched out for:

1. Housing: does the company offer housing? Do you have someone local that you could couch surf? Are you able to pay for your own place? Is there somewhere that offers summer internship housing??

     *Remember while there are plenty of apartments offered, most landlords require you to sign a lease before move-in and while there may be an exception here or there, but most leases require a min of 6 months.

2. Travel: How are you going to get to where you are going??

3. Stipends: Stipends can become your best friend. While many companies cannot afford to pay you top dollar for your summer services, they will offer a stipend. Stipends are just like payments but have a different name. It’s like a small salary.

    *Please note not all companies offer stipends!

4. BE OPEN! While you may yearn for an apprenticeship as a director, stage manager, or actor, these are harder to find… ESPECIALLY ones that offer the things I’ve listed above.. Whether it’s not ideal, or you have no interest in it a job in things like the box office, or costume, or something that is usually outside your comfort zone can sometimes be your best bet. These things seem to offer way more benefits. Also, through my own discoveries, working in places other than the stage or rehearsal room offers you a chance to network with people in that company WAYYYYY more.

     *For example: I work in the box office here at UFOMT, and it is only my first day but I have already talked to a numerous amount of important people in the company. They are able to get to know you better because your time is not limited to a 5 or 10 min. break.

So, before you scroll pass that prop internship give it a look. Internships are for making connections with actual companies, not to get your dream job by the time you’re a sophomore in college.

BEWARE: Now this is important, during you search you will come across numerous fancy websites offering these dream-come-true internships but all you have to do is pay for a membership….SCAM!! These internships are not as glamorous as they appear to be, and trust me YOU CAN FIND BETTER ONES ON YOUR OWN.

Honestly when it comes to internships there is an internship out there for everyone you just have to be willing to put time in finding them. Listed below I have listed a few internship websites and internships that I myself have looked into.


HUMANA FESTIVAL IN LOUSVILLE- for those you are graduating, the actor’s theatre company offers AMAZING apprenticeships and internships! It is a well known company and would look great on a resume!

OffStageJobs.com – the most helpful website online for those who are looking, or are willing, to take an internship offstage. This includes all design aspects, SMing, directing, education, box office, anything really! (This is how I found my internship.)

Finally, apply to multiple. This kind of tightens your chances of getting that summer job. And while one may be perfect in your mind, another may hold the key to your future!


So, that’s all I have about internships.. Take it, use it, and get that job!!!


Tune in as I will be doing a weekly update on myself here in Logan, UT.

So You Wanna Be a Theatre Major Kid, Well Whoop-di-doo.

Hello lovelies!

So first I want to say I hope as you read the title of this post you instantly thought of Hercules and saw Phil singing to Hercules about him wanting to be a hero. 

If not, that’s okay. We’ll work on it. 🙂

Today I want to talk about something everyone looks forward to, but is never truly prepared for.

That’s right. College.

First I’ll give you a little insight to what it was like when I decided to major in theatre.

(Small town in Georgia, 2013. Summer. Lights come up to Constance, 18, packing a suitcase, preparing to leave for college orientation the next morning.)
Constance: (Going through an old memory trunk and pulls out a doll) Hey! I remember this, it’s the doll from the first show I was ever in: “The Music Man.” (Suddenly begins to sing and dance) “Seventy-six trombones, dada dadada…” Hahah, great memories.
(soon she is going through all sorts of old theatre memorabilia)
(knock on the door, and then in walks Grandma)
Grandma: Hey are you almost packed? (sees all of the stuff) What are you doing with this old stuff?
Constance: (stalls) Grandma, I’m going to change my major when we get to orientation.
Grandma: Oh really? No more Journalism? Oh I get it, you’re going to do Forensic Psychology like we always planned.
Constance: No. I’m going to major in Theatre.
Grandma: Oh. Well,… as long as I get my Prius. Whatever.
(later that day)
Dad: So, I hear you’re going to go into Theatre. In that case, I would like one shot of espresso and a venti mocha, skim, hold the milk.
Mom: You know I support you, it’s just. Just. We don’t understand why you’re going to waste your education…. You are already so talented, but theatre is something you do for fun. It’s not a job. You were so smart in school, we also thought you would be a doctor, or a profiler, or you know something.
(everyone freezes except Constance)
Constance: (turns to face the audience) See my family loves me, and they want what’s best for me. My dad is just kidding, but it does hurt. I know they try to be supportive, but sometimes I just feel like they don’t understand. Theatre is my love. It always has been, and it always will be. Sure, money matters, but so does passion. They just worry because they want a better life for me. They’ll see though, one day. They’ll see how happy I am and that I do have a career, not a job.
(The end)
Alright, now that everyone knows that I’m not the best writer we can get to the meaning. 
When I first decided to major in theatre, my family was terrified. And they still are today. They don’t understand that there is some areas that are stable, and that of course, there are some that aren’t. 
If you decide to go into theatre, and your parents freak, my advice is just to comfort them. Keep emphasizing that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life, and you understand the sacrifices you are making. 
Now, some parents just cannot accept that, and to those, you just have to give them time. No, they will never completely support your decision, however seeing you happy means more to them than anything. 
So, you’ve conquered your parents, now what? 
Well for now you can breathe, because that is probably the scariest part!!

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Future Generations

Because of the Tony Awards being last night, I have began to rewatch opening numbers from previous shows, and one thing that sticks out to me is during Neil Patrick Harris’ Opening Monologue for the 2012 Tony Awards he mentions the children sitting at home loving the Tonys and how they all were that kid.

In an effort to make my impact on the future generations of theatre lovers I have begun a page titled Collegiate Programs. On this page I will be posting stories from current theatre majors that will give perspective students an inside look at different collegiate theatre programs. Sure, we all get information from the school but that can be so cookie cutter sometimes.

In order to get this page kicking off, I need people to share their stories! Simply click the Collegiate Programs tab above and then fill out the form on the page. Please include your name, your college, and just tell us about your experience in your theatre program. What you would have liked to know, a fun tradition, etc. ANYTHING HELPS!

Thank you for your contributions!

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel “Confrontation”

In honor of Neil Patrick Harris’ win at the Tony Awards last night, I wanted to share one of my favorite NPH moments. During Inside the Actors Studio interviews with the cast of “How I Met Your Mother,” one student asks Jason Segel and Neil to honor Les Miserables coming back to Broadway.

Tony Award Encore!

Wow. That is the only word I can think of when it comes about writing about this year’s Tony Awards performance.

emma stone animated GIF

I want to thank all of you who followed me during my live tweet session, if you didn’t have a chance to do that either, don’t worry they’re always going to on there! I’m not quite sure how I am going to put the show into words, but I guess I will just start with the beginning and go from there. DISCLAIMER: I am not giving a play by play, but merely highlighting some of the nights best moments!

Alright, so the opening number… Starting off Hugh is seen on the red carpet. He then begins to hop his way through Radio City Music Hall where you can see the casts of the different nominated shows of the night warming up. You can watch it here:

Next on the highlight train is the performance of “One Day More” by the cast of Les Miserables. Led by the phenomenal Tony nominated Ramin Karimloo, this song was filled with a cast of amazing performers. While this song is my favorite from the show, there were two moments I found myself disappointed.. First off Samantha Hill, Cosette, found herself in the wrong key some times and therefore caused Andy Mientus to become a little pitchy himself. Along with that, I personally do not enjoy Nikki James as the heartbroken Eponine, but that can just be a personal remark. Other than that though, The entire cast was absolutely incredible. I mean Will Swenson and Ramin Karimloo together!?! Catch the performance here:

Wow, following the performance by the cast, it was time for the announcing of “Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical” which went to the incredible Lena Hall. I mean when you can perform as a dude, and sound like a dude, but then still wear a dress and look AMAZING, OF COURSE SHE WON!

Then we have James Monroe Iglehart performing “Friend Like Me” from the infamous Aladdin. Man, I almost went to see Aladdin during my trip to NYC but I hesitated.MAN I SHOULD’VE SEEN IT!! The twist of the well known song is amazingly written, even including a medley of disney songs within it. Put that with magic tricks, a tap dancing number, and James Monroe Iglehart and you have a fantastic performance. Don’t believe me?!! See it here:

Along with this, I want to take this time to point out how much tap dancing occurred in this year’s Tony Awards. In my exact words:

“So much tap at the  this year, and I am loving every step ball change”

One performance, however, that did not include a tap number but was still fantastic was the “wickedly talented” Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel has returned to Broadway this past year in the new musical “If/Then.” While in NYC a ton of my friends went to see IF/Then and went on and on about Idina’s vocal perfection in the show. I could go on and on about her belts and vocal control, but it’d just be better to show you:

Then we get to my second favorite acceptance speech quotes:

“I’m looking forward to the day when all children can have a piece of theatre in their daily educational lives” – Kenny Leon

The absolute best acceptance speech of the night was by the one and only James Monroe Iglehart, who won for his role as the Genie in Aladdin. While many struggle to get all of their “thank yous” and “shoutouts” out before their 90 seconds is up, James simply went to the stage and controlled is excitement long enough to get everything out. He then saved his excitement for the end and gave us a new sort of acceptance speech. You can see what I mean below:

Next up we have “History Being Made at Night” (nice SMASH reference I know) with the absolutely stunning Audra McDonald winning her SIXTH TONY!! She is the first female to win that many awards, along with winning in 4 different categories. Even her incredibly handsome husband could not contain his joyful tears:

Oh,, now we have arrived at my absolute favorite performance of the night: Neil Patrick Harris’ performance from “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” There were SOOOOO many things right with this performance!!! First off, it’s NPH. Then we have Lena Hall’s incredible deep grunge sound. And then there is NPH grinding on Orlando Bloom’s face.. Yup I had to take a deep breath during that. One of my favorite parts though was Neil motioning for his Husband and then kissing him on live tv. Most tv shows wouldn’t allow for that, but hell THEY DID IT! You go glenn coco!!

Oh, and along with that, please enjoy this article about it:


This year’s Tonys marked a special milestone for Wicked. In order to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, we Tony viewers were offered a performance by the current Glinda and Elphaba of the popular “For Good.” Let me just say, while I would have loved for a combination of the current stars with Idina and Kristin, the  performance was extremely moving!

And after that performance of a classic Broadway song, Hugh decided to spice Broadway up with a creation of The Music Man into a rap song. Joining him was TI and LL Cool J. There have been mixed feelings about this, but I do have to admit it was pretty creative. Plus, I learned that not only was “The Music Man” my first musical, but it was Hugh Jackman’s too, which means we have something in common. Score 1 for Constance.

Then we have the inevitable win by Neil Patrick Harris for his role as Hedwig. Come on, did we really not see this coming!?! Sure, Andy was fantastic as Rocky and I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy that musical at all, and don’t even get me started about Ramin.. He’s just.. Perfect.

Following NPH is a moment that brought me to tears. Carole King introduced Beautiful. Then they began to perform and then it happened:

Jessie Mueller who portrays Carole King in the Broadway show, went on later to win her first Tony for Best Lead Actress in a Musical.

Tap dancing, magic, drags, break dancing, hopping, rapping, all the broadway greats, this year’s Tony Awards sure did have everything! Want to have even more info on what went down at the awards?! Follow me on Twitter @candice1695 and see all the tweets from my live tweet sess. Along with that, look for a post holding the best quotes from the night, and trust me Hugh Jackman was very PUNNY!

Want a full layout of all the night’s winners?? Visit http://t.co/TVcJsubpm4 for a full list of all the winners!

Until next time!

Tweeting Tonys

Well folks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again: THE TONY AWARDS!

I know for some of you, you are unfortunate and cannot watch the magic happen on your tv.

BUT DO NOT FRET! I will be live tweeting for the 2014 Tony Awards!!!! Follow me @candice1695 and receive all the latest news about who wins and who does not!


Also, look out for my final post that will give the highlights of tonight’s awards!!